I want to invite you to subscribe to my new blog – Leading Edge. I’ve called it this because being a leader is in fact living on the edge! Everyday, as leaders, we face new and sometimes uncharted challenges. For leaders to be effective we must continually be learners and that’s the heart of what Leading Edge is all about. I’ve committed myself to being a lifelong leadership learner and I want to share with you some of what I’m  discovering and using.

My blogs will be a combination of offering best leadership practices, conversations on the character of a leader and lots of encouragement for leaders of churches, schools, non-profits, social agencies and businesses. I want to help you lead well and stay on the leading edge. I’ve found I have a gift for being able to sort through the massive amount of resources and ideas for leaders and I want to help direct you to the topics and tools that will be the most helpful and useful.

Why another blog? There’s one reason. I believe with all my heart that God wants to bring his influence into our world. That influence is what the Bible calls the Kingdom of God. Jesus asked us to pray: Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And healthy, effective, wise leaders of character are essential for creating organizations and platforms that help people bring God’s influence into our world. I believe, more than ever, our churches, non-profits and businesses need the best leaders possible to make a positive difference both now and for eternity.

With just over 40 years of leading in various venues and cultures, I want to encourage you and help you lead better. And I want to learn from you so I can continue to grow and lead better! I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Subscribe to the Blog

I’ll post my blogs every 2nd and 4th Monday. I’ll try to keep the blogs to about a page with an occasional one being a bit longer! Click here to subscribe!  And of course you are free to unsubscribe at any time. In fact if you don’t find the blog helpful, take a moment to let me know why; to help me figure out how to be more helpful to others. Either way, I won’t be offended! And please forward this to others and encourage them to subscribe too!

The Leading Edge Website

This website will supplement what I include in my blog. I’ll post additional or supportive content on the website that you can reference. The resources will include things like book links, podcasts, extra notes, charts, pictures or any resource that will help you lead better.

I look forward being on the leading edge with you,