Leading a local church is being on the front lines of advancing the kingdom of God, with all its opportunities and challenges. We believe that the local church is the hope of our city and the world. Yet, the challenge of leading a church is one of the most difficult jobs in all the world.

As a part of 4Tucson, we want to help you lead well and move you and your church from surviving to thriving. We want to help you connect in real relationships and friendships with your peers who also love the church. We want to give you an edge in addressing key issues that will help both you and your church not only be healthy, but be life giving.

Consider being a part of Pastors’ Edge. Pastors’ Edge is a year-long growth and relational opportunity where you can join other pastors who are currently the lead, senior or solo pastor of the church along with church planters. Our focus is to give each pastor an edge to lead and live well for the sake of our churches and city. Topics will include best practices regarding good self-care and productivity, helping your church have a kingdom impact, evaluating the effectiveness of your ministry and navigating change.

We meet once a month for ten months from January through November (we take August off). Each meeting lasts two hours. During those two hours we share a meal ($8), connect as friends and help each other learn to lead better. We meet the first Thursday of each month from 11AM -1PM at Hope City Church (5729 E. 22nd St. Tucson, AZ 85711).

If you have any questions contact Glen at gelliott@pantano.church or sign up at https://www.pastorsedge.church/.