Healthy, wise, humble and courageous leaders are needed in every sphere of our city if we are to see Tucson experience transformation for the good. So I want to connect leaders with the work and mission of 4Tucson.

The mission of 4Tucson is to partner with every sector and domain of society based on common love, common goals and the common good to make Tucson one of the most livable cities in the world, allowing each partner to determine the part it should play.

4Tucson works on city transformation, bringing the city structures and institutions into alignment with biblical principles to help the largest number of people possible. Our strategy is unique in that it both equips (mobilizes) Christians to serve in the community and also engages Christians in solving city problems. This strategy is currently being implemented to help the people of Tucson, Arizona, but the goal is that this model can help communities all over the world to address the systemic issues that are hindering health and prosperity. And as Christians serve together in unity, God is glorified and many more people come to know Jesus.

Find out more and sign up to be a part of 4Tucson here.